Full price

R$ 15,00

per person

Half price

R$ 7,50

for student and elderly

Payment methods
Cash, Credit/Debit Card or Vale Cultura (we do not accept checks)

Half admission

  • Students.
  • Low-income youngsters, aged 15 to 29, upon presentation of the ID Jovem.
  • People 60 years old and over.
  • Pensioners.
  • Disabled people (half-entry extended to 1 companion).


  • General public on Sundays.
  • Blood donors;
  • Residents of Campos do Jordão, every day, upon presentation of documentary proof.Children up to 7 years old, upon presentation of supporting documents.
  • Groups from public schools and non-profit social institutions that work with people with disabilities and/or in socially vulnerable situations.
  • Teachers, coordinators and principals, supervisors, support staff of public schools (federal, state, or municipal), and staff of the Secretariat of Education of the State of São Paulo, upon presentation of the current or previous month’s paycheck (printed or digital). *
  • Military, civilian and technical-scientific police officers of the Public Safety Secretariat of the State of São Paulo, with the current or previous month’s pay stub (printed or digital).
  • Professionals from State Museums and from the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo, upon presentation of their badge.
  • Accredited tour guides.
  • Professionals affiliated to ICOM, upon presentation of a card.

* Free admission extended to the spouse or partner, children and minors under guardianship or custody who accompany them on the visit.


For everyone to enjoy the visit, the following rules and guidelines should be followed:

  • Disabled people, elderly people (60 or over), pregnant women, infants and people accompanied by small children will have preferential access. (Federal Law No. 10.048, of November 8, 2000);
  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by parents and/or guardians. (Federal Law No. 8.069, of July 13, 1990, Article 75, sole paragraph);
  • Consumption of beverages and food inside the museum will only be allowed in areas authorized under orientation. There are water dispenser fountains at the Foyer entrance.
  • Taking photos and filming for private use only is allowed on museum premises. For other purposes, please call (+ 55 16) 98242-0999. (Federal Law No. 11,904/09, Article 42 and Federal Decree No. 8.124/2013, Article 27);
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the auditorium (State Law 13,541/09) and in the Museum only in an external area for this purpose under guidance;
  • It is recommended not to use the cell phone during the visitation and presentations;
  • The visitor is allowed to enter with domestic animals in areas discovered since with collars and muzzles for races determined by Law;
  • The visitor is not allowed to feed the wild animals found around the museum;
  • The visitor is not allowed to touch the works. When it is possible to interact with these, such information will be given by the educators, who will guide the visitor on how to do it without risks;
  • The visitor must preserve the flowers and plants, as these are part of the museum’s environmental heritage;
  • The visitor should throw trash in the trash. The museum has bins distributed throughout the course and recycles.